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Alberto e Laura
Clarisa Matilda Gabriel e Alessandro

A bit of history: It was in the 1950s when Grandma Maria prepared some rooms and started offering her own special brand of hospitality to guests, at a place which soon was called “Pensione Maria del Giglio“.

Newly married, her son Piero and his wife Graziella decided to expand the fledgling family business. The results of their labour of love were not only their three sons (Roberto, Alberto and Alessandro) but also the existing three floors of the hotel...

And so, up to 1995, the hotel business flourished – thanks to the many loyal guests and a dedicated team. This teamwork laid the foundation for the proud hotel tradition in the Emilia Romagna.

From 1995 onwards Alberto and Alessandro decided to take on another challenge. They “closed“ the hotel kitchen for good and specialised in the current running of the Bed and Breakfast Bbocca. This was a good choice which gives them the possibility of enriching the holidays of their clients in a different way.

Families, couples, big groups, teenagers, seniors, business men, Italians and foreigners etc. … the list of the different types of tourists who make the Bed and Breakfast Bbocca their home from home is long. From here they have easy access to the beach, the amusement parks, the fairs, events, famous restaurants, clubs, San Marino, San Leo, the beautiful landscape, the City of Art … etc. In other words: the splendid and varied world that you can find along the coastline of the Emilia Romagna!

Let us not forget – lately you can enjoy in addition to Alberto and Alessandro the hospitality of Clarisa, Laura and Jessica – the female members of our staff.

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